About Me

Hi, my name is Aleksandar Dragojlović.

I currently work at DevSerbia doo as an CTO and Team Leader. My goal is to make everyone else's job easier and keep clients satisfied and loyal. I am highly motivated and dedicated to delivering the highest possible standard of work.

Skills & Expertise

  • Leading teams
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • PHP 5/7 (particularly with Laravel and Symfony frameworks)
  • Java
  • RESTful APIs
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Mongo, Neo4J
  • HTML, CSS/Sass/Compass, JavaScript
  • Git
  • OS X, Linux, Windows

Personal Info

  • Name Aleksandar Dragojlović
  • Nickname Alex
  • Age 29
  • Date of Birth 1984-03-13
  • Family Married, 2 daughters
  • Address Narodnog Fronta 37/4, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Phone+381 65 333-9111
  • StatusAvailable
  • TitleSenior Developer, CTO
  • RoleSenior Developer, CTO
  • CompanyDevSerbia Ltd


Aleksandar is the best. He gets concepts and I never needed to explain something twice. I would give him a direction and he would always come back with a way to make it better. He also paid attention to details that I never thought of which made the project better in the end.

Dan Fernandez, WebBizIdeas

Aleksandar is great colleague. He is very responsible and dedicated to work. As developer, he tends to choose stable and error-proof solutions. He is capable of working under pressure and in short terms, and he can motivate team to endure under heavy tasks. Aleksandar is also great instructor - he can explain simply and precise his tasks/methods or any other requirement. I can without any doubt to recommend Aleksandar for any project - he is exceptional developer.

Djordje Grubac, Saturized

Aleksanders abilities to make quick and smart judgments were always beneficial in projects. His motivation and determination led to braking barriers in delivery timeliness. He demonstrated calmness and action in stressful situations.

Nenad Milanovic, COING CS

Education & Experience


2008 - 2010

Master of Science in Information Technology

Modules included:

  • Advanced topics in software engineering
  • Information systems development process
  • Privacy, ethics and social responsibilities
  • Probability
  • Software engineering of extensible database systems
  • System integration
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science

2003 - 2008

Bachelor of Computer Science

Modules included:

  • Algebra
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Boolean algebra and optimization
  • Compiler construction
  • Component based development
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer networks
  • Computer organization
  • Databases
  • Data structures and algorithms I
  • Data structures and algorithms II
  • Graph theory
  • Fundamentals of digital electronics
  • Information systems
  • Mathematical analysis I
  • Mathematical analysis II
  • Mathematical logic
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Operating systems
  • Programming languages
  • Sociology
  • Software engineering
  • Statistics
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science

1999 - 2003

High School Diploma

This Grammar School Mathematics Kraljevo is specialised for students talented in mathematics, physics and computer science, aged 15-18.

Grammar School Mathematics Kraljevo

1995 - 1999

Elementary School Diploma
Elementary School Kraljevo


2012 - Present

CTO / Team Leader

Founded my own Web Development company with my friends and former colleagues. As the owner of the company, in the very beginning I was responsible for all possible sides of the independent business unit. And on the other hand I had to take care about growing our team from the professional point of view.



PHP Developer / Team Leader

I worked as developer, analyst and team lead of PHP development team. Involved in all stages of development of complex web applications. Producing accurate reports on team performance.


2009 - 2010

PHP Developer

I was in charge of maintaining and developing multiple websites and applications (for 3 years more then 20 sites and portals).


2008 - 2009

PHP Developer

I was in charge of maintaining and developing social network site for students in UK - an online community focused on students and their way of life. It integrates social networking components (relationship building and viral marketing) to allow the flow of information in and out of large student community.


2007 - 2008

Java Developer

I was working on development of UI windows and Java classes which implement business rules per given specifications as well as development of documents and reports. All applications I have been working on are belonging to JP Morgan's Vastera TradeSphereTM family of products for managing the entire global trade process and are based on "Collaborative platform" - JPMC Vastera's enterprise-class development framework for Web application development.


2005 - 2007

Independent freelance web developer (backend).

Freelance (PHP, Java)


My Current Location

Narodnog Fronta 46Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

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